Snow in Florida feat cuts by Mo Niklz​(​produced by iAlive)

by kidDEAD



This ain't the struggle
It's more like a lottery
This is hard dope and what it does to the economy
This is snow in Florida
When it rains it pours
But rain is just water that you mop off the floor
Holes in the ceiling is what shows you're really poor
Really more to this life than watching your family cry
and only go to church when one of your friends die
Have a drink and ask why
Then back to the same blind state of living
Raised a wolf inside a brain prison
Rainbow prisms
Innocent child-like forgetting me
Not a lot of good times locked inside my memory
Visiting the giving tree
All the branches cut off
Only 4 years old and my light is getting shut off
Might just be the sun's wrong
Everything ain't happy here
Cocaine residue inside my mothers tears
Dig a hole to bury everything we know we'll always fear, yeah

Granddaddy was a preacher
Too bad I never knew him
I'm losing history
Watch me build my own ruins
Master such illusions
A bad, bad Houdini
Leave with your money, your heart and leave my cd
and this is nothing more than howling at the moon
or talking to yourself in a pitch black room
The way we consume its a bonafide crisis
Watch out the window at the way the light hits the pavement
Where the diamonds are caged in
Lock all your doors and climb up in your spaceship
Shot down for sure, so it's time for a facelift and I rock out on tour and stay cool, calm and patient
A lot to ignore on a long dreary day shift
I'm stopping it short
Hit concrete for paychecks
Walk through to the sound
Eq in my soul
Till the day I'm done, say Mamma I'm comin' home


released March 20, 2017


all rights reserved


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